State Leadership Conference

State Leadership Conference

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Boise Centre on the Grove

February 12-14, 2024


Business Professionals of America members are provided an opportunity for the development of leadership skills, personal and professional growth, and career-related competencies. Involvement in Business Professionals of America will enhance social awareness, civic responsibility, and understanding of the business community. The state leadership conference (SLC) is the culmination of the Idaho Association year, and helps more than 1,500 members accomplish these objectives.

The 59th Annual State Leadership Conference will be held at Boise Centre on the Grove February 12-14, 2024. Our conference workshops, state officer elections, and Workplace Skills Assessment Program events are highlights of the conference. Delegates have the opportunity to meet people and make many new friends. More than 100 schools located throughout the state are represented at the conference.

Shatter Expectations Scholarship

  • The main objective of the “Shattering Expectations Scholarship” is to help financially aid an Idaho BPA Member that has qualified to compete at the National Leadership Conference.
  • The funds for this scholarship come from a $500 donation from the BPA Board.
  • Fill out the application linked above; email the completed copy to before January 12th.

Recognition Awards

The Rookie of the Year Award: Given to a first-year member who has made an impressive impact on their chapter during their first year of involvement in Idaho Business Professionals of America. This member has shown strong leadership skills and a commitment to BPA's goals and values, and has proven to be a valuable asset to their chapter.

The Student Leader of the Year Award: Given to a chapter officer who has excelled in their role, providing guidance and support to their fellow members and helping to drive the chapter's success. This member has demonstrated a strong understanding of BPA's goals and values, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that their chapter is well-organized and effective in achieving its objectives.

The Mentor of the Year Award: Given to an advisor who has demonstrated exceptional mentorship, offering guidance and support to members as they navigate their involvement in BPA events, classes, and other activities. This advisor has shown a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing BPA members, and has provided valuable advice and support that has helped members to thrive and succeed.

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