State Officer Team

Meet this year's State Officers....

Kimber Smith

Secondary Division President

Kimber has taken the initiative to strive for perfection to ensure that she understands the content presented. Throughout her high school career, she has enrolled in many dual credit courses that has provided a rigorous course load that has ensured her preparedness for leadership positions and future educational opportunities

Makenna Denuit

Secondary Division Executive Vice-President

Makenna works hard at her academic classes as well as participates in a variety of extra-curricular activities while maintaining her excellent GPA. She has learned the value of teamwork from her experiences on the soccer pitch. In addition to her experiences with a team, she has learned the focus and dedication it takes to achieve personal goals as by her accomplishments in various other extra-curricular activities such as Youth in Government in which she currently serves as the Idaho State Youth Governor.

Chayse Van Eps

Secondary Division VP of Marketing

Chayse possesses a genuine passion for connecting with others and promoting collaboration among different chapters throughout the state. Her excitement for the opportunity to engage with various schools and encourage students to join the Business Professionals of America is truly commendable. Chayse is not only a dedicated individual but also someone who understands the importance of fostering community and unity among members.

Nicole Dumitrascu

Secondary Division VP of Membership

Nicole is a very intelligent young lady. She currently has 4.22 cumulative GPA and is ranked 2nd  in her graduating class. Nicole has taken many AP classes, Concurrent Credit Classes, and is a BPA National Qualifier for Graphic Design. She is currently in our CNA certification program and is on the Mayor’s Teen Council. Nicole is always willing to be involved with extracurricular activities and has good rapport with all her teachers and people in our community.

Christopher Bright

Secondary Division VP of Operations

Chris has been a great asset and example in class and for the Idaho Falls High School BPA Chapter and the other members. As a BPA member, Chris has competed in the BPA Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP) in the Network Administration Using Cisco and the Computer Network Technology events and qualified to compete at the Idaho Business Professionals of America Leadership Conference for that past 2 years. He even qualified, attended, and competed at the National BPA Leadership Conference last year in Anaheim, CA. As a student, he was committed to learning and completed his assignments and projects to the best of his abilities.

Karmen Geisel

Secondary Division VP of Programs

Karmen is an extremely hard-working student. Consistently, she completes work before it is due, and to a high quality. Her attention to detail sets her apart from her peers, as does her passion for learning. She asks great questions—she is interested in the learning more than the grade, which is unusual for a sophomore student. Though Karmen is at times shy, her confidence has grown over the two years that I’ve known her. She is a great role model and her peers look up to her for guidance. She is one of the most considerate students that I’ve ever taught, and always thinks of others before herself.

Cameron Roth

Post-Secondary Division President

Cameron is a hardworking student; he is constantly going the extra mile to get things done proficiently. He works hard in his studies, and I’ve noticed that when given a project or assignment he is often surpassing the requirements and pushes himself to grow and learn as much as possible! Cameron is a student with strong focus, who takes his academics very seriously and always gives 100%, even when other students are distracted.
Cameron is trustworthy, and a natural leader. He is constantly willing to help others and is one of the students I feel I can rely on. When given responsibility, I know the job will get done. Cameron is a very caring and passionate person. He is accepting of others and their individual personalities, and I am confident in his leadership abilities.

Cara Shuldberg

Executive Vice President

Cara is consistently demonstrating hard work, a positive attitude, and a deep understand of business concepts. She works hard in her studies and pushes herself to continue to grow and learn everyday. Cara continues to give 100% every day and is always willing to step in as needed.

Reese Murphy

Executive Vice President of Membership

Reese consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of business concepts, applying their knowledge to earn three Microsoft Office certifications and three Adobe certifications. She was a Business Digital Communications pathway completer and earned her CTE (Career and Technical Education) Diploma.
Beyond their intellectual capabilities, Reese possesses exceptional leadership qualities. They are a natural leader, able to motivate and inspire their peers.

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